The Studio Of Rishab Soni.

A New Order


A New Order is an experimental micro short.

Set in a future that still has one leg in the present, where no destination or mission is too far for our protagonist to accomplish. Inspired by various sci-fi films. A New Order follows one man & his pod on a journey through different terrains & landscapes as he carries out his orders in a galaxy of alternative form.

This was something I worked on over several months in my spare time, between a job and personal life. As 3D and the use of Cinema 4D to this extent is very new for me, It involved a lot experimenting with workflow & understanding some basics of modelling. It was challenging, but exciting to finally have a finished piece. I hope you enjoy the subtle humour / reveal in this film.

Full project here

Design, animation & direction - Rishab Soni
Music - Not to be / Luke Atencio

Special thanks:
Liquid / Geyser shot - Gabriel Bullen
Spacesuit - Raoul Marks